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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Veena Malik Nude Hot Photos For FHM

The latest cover of FHM India shows Indian Model Veena Malik nude with the initials of Pakistan's intelligence tattooed on his arm. The photo has caused an outcry in the conservative Indian society, but the controversial actor says that the image was manipulated, and that she never posed nude for FHM.

Veena told the Indian news agency:

"I have never posed nude. I've never done anything like this ever. My manager and legal team look into it. We will sue them."

Veena Malik’s Nude Hot Photos For FHM

But, says FHM India's editor, Kabe Sharma, as Malik just trying to get out of the way back. Sharma says that photography is not changed and that she has proof. Sharma said:

"We have video footage of the shoot and e-mails from Veena about how she looks forward to the coverage."

Malik has spoken out against clerics in Pakistan, which requires that women must be covered at all times. Malik said:

"If a woman is cool to wear a burka, she should have a burka. If a woman is a Muslim, wants to wear jeans, so she had to wear jeans."

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